"This Beast Is Dangerous"

by White Knights Finish Last

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released June 4, 2013

Produced By Mike Anthony Taylor and White Knights Finish Last
Recorded At Signal Hill Sound Labs Kelowna BC
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered By Mike Anthony Taylor
Art Direction, Layout and Design By Kevin Moore at Soft Surrogate
All Music Written and Performed By White Knights Finish Last
Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved
Guest Vocals On "If Love Is Blind,Sex Is A Drug" By Erika Leah
Bass On This Record Played By A Crook Named Bryan



all rights reserved


White Knights Finish Last Kelowna, British Columbia

Good times, good friends, good laughs, that's White Knights Finish Last. Making music, playing songs we love and putting our hearts into every note we create. This band is simply about the love of punk rock, cool people, cool places and living life to the fullest. These songs tell our story. Life's a trip, strap your jet packs on and lets go! ... more

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Track Name: Growing Up Or Getting Old?
I'm Seeking Answers To The Questions Stuck Up Inside My Head
I Keep Reflecting On A Time Long Since Gone From In My Past
I Stare Into The Ceiling Waiting For The World Around Me
To Be The Thing Of Beauty I Remember From My Childhood

We're Not Getting Any Younger
Chew Me Up And Spit Me Out
Who Would Of Thought I'd Settle Down

I Can Always Hold On Longer
Growing Up Or Getting Old
That's What I've Always Been Told

There Was A Time When I Was Too Afraid To Face My Own Fears
I Wondered If Life For Me Would Turn Out Just How I Had Planned It
I'll Stare Into The Ceiling Praying That The World Around Me
Becomes The Thing Of Beauty From My Childhood I Remember!

Don't Know What I'm Becoming!
One Day We'll Find An Answer
Track Name: Bad Spelling, Proper Grammar
Welcome To Our Show!
We're Your Gracious Hosts
It's A Throwdown, Hoedown Party Time
Let's Make This Shit Hit The Fan
Let's Get Down As Hard As We Can

How Are You All Tonight?
The Best Seats In The House
Are Up Front Here With Us
Where We Can All Rock It Out
We All Came Here In Fun
Punk Unites Us For One Moment Experience
Let's Take It In, Take It In Before It's Gone!

We Don't Want You To Pout
So Please Help Us Shout Out The Next Line To This Song
Let's Get It Done, Get It Done Before It's Gone!
That Was Really Great
Now Lets Scream It Out Louder Here Now The Second Time
Let's Get It Done, Get It Done Before It's Gone
Let's Get It Done Before It's Gone

We're Close To The End Of The Song
One More Time Through And It's Done
Track Name: Fish Out Of Water
Call The Captain! We're Taking On Water!
We're Going Under! We're Going Under!
Don't Think I Have Anything Left To Say At All
This Sinking Feeling In My Chest
It's Growing Stronger! It's Growing Stronger!
I Don't See How Either Of Us Are Getting Out Alive
We Fought Our Battles We Won Some Lost Some
The Hardest Part Of This
Is Knowing That From Here On Out I'll Never Taste That Kiss
A Half A Century A Million Miles I Never Could Forget
That Empty Feeling That Was Left Inside Of Me
The Day You Sunk Our Ship


I Look Back On What It Was We Had And It Brings Tears To My Eyes
Sex,Drugs,Alcohol And All The Parties They Are A Bunch Of Phony Lies
I Keep Telling To Myself To Fill That Hole You Left Inside
You Sunk Our Ship Without A Word And Then Sailed Off Into The Night

Realizing That You Can Only Control Some Parts Of Your Life
The Thing You Just Spent Your Whole Life Waiting For
Just Sailed Into the Night
The Beauty Of Life Is Pushing On Forward And Using All Your Might
To Share With Others All You May Have Learned And Now I'll Leave You This Advice

Never Get On A Ship If The Captain Is A Bitch!
Track Name: Image Is Everything (Just Ask Her)
The Greatest Band You'll Ever Know
Come On Kids It's Time To Go
We're Too Busy Talking Shit About You To Be Nice
Only Care What Scarlett Thinks
That's Right They're On MTV
Lately What Have You Done For Us Anyway?

Go Put On Your Purple Pants
I'll Guide You Through Your Marionette Dance
Thanks To Me You've Got Girls Hanging All Over You
It Doesn't Matter What You Say
Because I'm Not Listening Anyway
Go Burn All The Clothes You Wear Of Which I Don't Approve

Oh And By The Way Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Fat?

Were Now Family You See In This Band You Answer To Me
Drunk On Ego That's What Makes Me So Damn Pretty
Get Dressed How I Told You So We've Got 4 Hours Til The Show
I Won't Go Out In Public With You Looking Like That

Oh And By The Way Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Phat?
Track Name: I Don't Have Bad Taste In Women, It's Only A Problem When Choosing For Me (Cowboy Song)
Woke Up This Morning Rolled Over To Go
Grab Me Some Water I Realized For Sure
I Don't Have Bad Taste In Women Now You See
The Problem Arises When Choosing For Me

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Next Week The Same Thing I Did It Again
I Need To Stop Listening To My Little Friend
There's One Thing I've Noticed There's One Thing I've Learned
That My Little Soldier Can Be A Real Jerk

Hey! Hey! Hey!

I Need To Stop Listening To My Little Friend
It's Time To Start Using Some Better Judgement
Just How To Do That I Still Do Not Know
I'll Just Keep Heading Down This One Way Dead End Road

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Track Name: If Love Is Blind, Sex Is A Drug
It's Time To Say Goodnight To All You Feel Is Right
It's Time To Say Goodbye To What's Inside Of Your Heart
When What's Inside Of Your Heart Has Just Been Taken From You..............It's Time

I Can't Believe That It's Taken Me So Long
I've Finally Figured Out
What It Is In Life That Makes Me Happy
And Leaves Me With No Doubts
I'll Never Get Over It
It Never Comes To Be The Way You Want It To
Relying On Others
For Your Happiness Is Not The Thing To Do
It Leaves You Vulnerable
It Leaves You Open For Failure And Success
But You Just Never Know
Which One Of The Two That You're Going To Get

And That's Why I I Say It To You In My Own Special Way
And You Can't See Just How Hard This Has Been On Me

Once I Lost Myself It Took A Long While
To Find My Way Back Home
Making Sense Of This Is Taking Longer
Than I Ever Could Have Known
I Keep Reflecting On This Opportunity
That I Just Might Have Blown
In The End I Had To Make A Choice For Me
And I Chose To Be On My Own

And That's Why I I Say It To You In My Own Special Way
And You Can't See How Much It Was You Meant To Me
Track Name: Number One With A Bullet
What's Happened Here? It's Strange I Just Don't Know
Can't Seem To Shake This Feeling It Won't Go
Some People Are Dying While Others Are Crying
Still Some Don't Know What To Do
Others Are Trying, While Some Are Still Lying
To Those Who Will End Up Screwed

Taking Things For Granted Is Something We Do Everyday
Never Going To Be The Way We Wanted It To Be
Never Getting Over It And Never Going To Give A Shit
Calling Number One Out With A Bullet

The Times Are Changing I Think I Left Behind
My Better Judgement I Think I've Lost My Mind
Finally Acknowledging All Of My Fallings
Has Helped Me To Clear My Sight
Pushing On Forward While Others Fall Backward
Still Some End Up On The Side

How We Live Our Lives Creates Our Legacy
That's All We Leave Behind When We Die
For Everyone To See
Have You Lived Your Dreams
Lived So Happily... Ever After In Your Sleep
In Your Sleep... Have You Lived Your Dreams